The 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean – Day 4

Day 4 summary: Tropical storm Adrian brings chaos to Caribbean weather

Friday May 20, 2005

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The first tropical storm of the season is making its way towards the Caribbean, upsetting the regular trade winds today, which are normally so reliable this time of year. The scheduled light-wind expression session was cancelled because the wind turned out to be too light even for that. A related storm system appears to be moving in tonight, possibly bringing some wind to Bonaire tomorrow. With four days of competition left, things are far from decided.

Conch shells Courtesy of pwa/Carter

Today was registration day for the Pro Kids championship starting this weekend. With the kids’ level of sailing we have seen so far, it promises to be an exciting competition between future freestyle heroes.

In light of the storm passing over tonight, riders will be ready to rumble again at 0900 tomorrow. To find out if the weather delivers, log onto