The 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean – Final Day

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On the last day of competition of the 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean, the conditions didn’t change. Unfortunately this meant it was impossible to complete official competition in Lac Bay this year. An unusually early hurricane shut down the tradewinds in the entire Caribbean, which, according to both official weather statistics and Bonairian locals, has not occurred in fifty years this early in the season.

Andy Chambers Courtesy of pwa/Carter

The contest got off to a very promising and exciting start as many riders were out doing the most radical moves with the greatest of ease on registration day and on the first official day of competition. After several heats were completed however, the contest had to be cancelled as winds dropped below the minimum required. In the unofficial supersession that followed, both international and local riders displayed a level of sailing that was beyond anything windsurfing has seen so far. Sailors demonstrated new moves on each run, leaving the competition frantically trying to catch up.

Unfortunately, the wind never returned, but in spite of the light conditions, Bonaire has proven once again to be one of the most laidback stops on the tour. Under normal circumstances is an ideal location for a world class freestyle contest and the PWA will undoubtedly be back for more in the years to come.

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Choco Frans Cana Brava Courtesy of pwa/Carter