WIN A T1 SR50!

Are you dreaming of setting a new production board speed record? Well stop dreaming and enlist for the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix on Sotavento Fuerteventura from 22.07 till 30.07.2005 (contact:

The amateur speed junkie (male or female) that will set a new 'absolute' production speed record on a T1 SR50 (beat Dave White's 44.03) will be reimbursed for the purchase price of his/her SR50.

SLALOM Running alongside the Speed event, René Eglis Sotavento beach will be hosting the IFCA SLALOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from 22.07 till 30.07.2005. As of June 21st all of T1's RS boards are officially registered and allowed to battle for the title. Any T1 surfer bringing the slalom title 'home' will be rewarded with a new T1 board of choice and tons of respect!