the new face of youth windsurfing. It's happening at venues all over the country

so it's on your doorstep. Cheap - easy to access - no special kit requirements.

And it's a great place to hang out with your mates. You'll improve your windsurfing

stacks too! Aged 15 or under? This is for you…

Whether you windsurf already or are just looking to get into it, team15 is

the answer. Weekly sessions at affordable prices, with equipment provided if

you don't have your own. Something for everyone. Whether you have just passed

your 'Learn to Windsurf' course, are looking to become the perfect poseur, want

to try your hand at a bit of fun racing, or simply want to blast fast, Team15

offers it all.

Team15 provides the opportunity to enjoy windsurfing with your mates on a regular

basis throughout the season. Team15 puts the fun into youth windsurfing. Blast

with your mates. Do a bit of sparring with them. Race with a rival club - who's

the best, you or them? If you're on for it, you can represent your club at four

annual inter-club events. Team places will be sought after; limited and high

profile. Your chance to show the wider windsurfing world just how good you are.

Will you be the next Nik Baker, Jamie Hawkins, Nick Dempsey or Bel Stanley?

If this is your dream we'll help you realise it. And even if it's not, then

with Team15 we'll just help you have fun on the water.

Clubs are signing up to team15 all the time. For an up-to-date comprehensive

list of centres in your area check out the website. As events get under way,

we'll post local results and results from inter-club events. We'll profile those

clubs doing exceptionally well. You can even post your own messages on the message

board area of the website; how quickly will you lose your 'Gromit' status?!!!

With profiles and interviews with the windsurfing PROs, opportunity for music

and movie reviews, competitions with prizes to win, games to play and e-postcards

to send. The website has loads to offer as it is grows into the No.1 youth windsurfing


With team15 operating at RYA Recognised Teaching Establishments and Affiliated

Clubs the whole safety side is addressed too, so tell your parents not to worry.

Team15 is an RYA initiative.

Want to get involved? Want to know more? Check out the website, email

or call Gillian on 023 8062 7456.

And get clubbin' now with team15.