We are on hold here at the Catalunya, Costa Brava, PWA, Freestyle World Cup.

An onshore thermal wind picked up on the beach throughout the day but it never

substantiated itself enough to allow any competition. Many sailors were tempted

to take to the water and practice a few nifty light wind moves. The show provided

plenty of entertainment for spectators and was a chance for judges to assess

the talents of some of the new sailors who are participating for the first time

on the PWA tour. Other sailors have been biding their time soaking up the sunshine

and making the most of the beautiful Mediterranean surroundings.

The Bay of Roses is indeed an incredible location, the perfect arena for a

contest venue. Apart from the incredible coastline the area boasts a multitude

of ancient historical sites where Greek and Roman civilisations previously inhabited

the area. In the hills there are many fascinating castles and medieval villages

all of which represent different phases of settlement over the centuries. Tonight

the sailors have been invited to dine in the picturesque town of Roses as guests

of the local community. The continued hospitality and friendliness of the locals

over the years have established the event here in Costa Brava a definite favourite

on the PWA tour.

We have a full fleet of 48 sailors here ready to do battle as soon as the wind

increases. Many are keeping their repertoires a closely guarded secret in order

to gain an advantage over their rivals. When it comes down to the crunch the

winner here in Costa Brava will not just be the most talented sailor but also

the smartest competitor!

RICH FOSTER (Mistral, Naish)

"My strategy at competitions is to not tell anyone my strategy. I am keeping

my routine quiet. We all have our routines worked out in our heads, I have a

start and a finish and my moves in between. The heats are only five minutes

so obviously you have to do as much as you can. You are not going to get anything

out of me mate!"


"I just go out there and have fun. I have no idea what I do before

the heat. I have no opening move or anything. I just go out there and feel the

conditions out and just let it flow. I have no real new tricks up my sleeve,

at least not any I am going to reveal at the moment. I have heard about a move

called the 'Worm Burner' and a few other moves. There is definitely a lot of

secretive stuff going on!"


"I plan everything. I know exactly what I am going to do in my heat. The

thing is that it all depends on the wind. When the wind is gusty sometimes you

have planned to do something but you can't do it so you have to improvise. It

can be hard to stick to your original plan. I don't keep my moves secret. In

freestyle people are learning new tricks faster and faster. If you get a new

move, usually people are doing it by the end of the same day. We all go in the

same direction so we just have to be faster than the others!"


"My plan is to win! Everything is all set up! I am running on remote

control. I just see what the other guys do and decide if I have to push it a

bit more or not. I am pretty confident I will be giving the guys a run for their



"I am only sixteen so you can call me the new kid on the block, I suppose.

I had four new moves when I went to Maui recently but now everybody is doing

them. I wanted to keep them a secret but everybody saw me. I have one move that

is secret, I will do it in my heat, nobody does this move! I am making up my

plan for my heat tonight, it depends on the wind. I hope we get some

good conditions. I don't know how well I will do here, we will see"


"I need experience in competition so this event is kind of a fun one for

me. I have been training everyday in Pozo and will try to do good. There has

been wind everyday so I have been able to learn all the moves"