Sailors woke up on the penultimate day of the Costa Brava world cup to find

the blustery tramuntana winds that had been blowing all night easing although

still coming from their normal north westerly direction. Throughout the day

the gusty breeze stayed tantalisingly close to the required level but never

filled in quite enough to allow any heats.

After yesterdays action packed day on the water many sailors took the opportunity

to rest aching muscles relax and make the most of the warm Spanish sunshine.

Others were still tempted to get wet and despite the shifty winds a few sailors

managed to impress the crowds with the occasional sensational manoeuvre. German

sailor Andy Pusch (Neil Pryde, JP) stood out on

the water today with a dazzling display which included some very impressive

looking spock diablo's and slick willy skipper 360's. With the wind blowing

slightly cross offshore a few other competitors managed to carve up a few small

waves. John Skye (F2, Arrows), Tony Garcia (RRD) and Bruno Andre (AHD, Gaastra)

all took to the water and seemed to be having a lot of fun ripping it up in

the surf.

The forecast tomorrow looks promising and it is hoped that the tramuntana winds

will kick in enough to bring the competition to a thrilling climax. It is anybody's

guess whether the winner will be one of the more experienced world tour campaigners

or perhaps we will be in for a surprise performance from one of the new young

hot shots here in Costa Brava. The youngest sailor in the competition, fifteen

year old Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) from Venezuela advanced yesterday

and will face Holland's Ben Van Der Steen (North, Fanatic) in the second round.

Campello is tipped by many to be one of the big names of the future and he is

already establishing himself on the tour not only for his talents but also for

his mischievous character.


"I was lucky yesterday! I did a diablo and a willy skipper but the rest

of the heat I fell a lot. I was quite nervous and felt I was lucky to pass through.

I hope we get some wind and we get some more rounds. I have Ben Van Der Steen

in the next round, he is a very good sailor. He is heavy so I hope the wind

will be light so I can plane and he cant! The level is very high, everyone is

consistently doing the hard moves"


"I come here a lot to practice in the winter. The wind gets really strong

and sometimes you get waves like today which is pretty cool. Yesterday was good

fun. I hope to do well here. I want all the luck I can get and I hope I can

make one or two more rounds. The level this year is pretty close, all the people

can do all the same moves so I think it is going to be a matter of style that



"I didn't expect to beat Robby Seeger yesterday. I just tried to sail really

smart and stay on my board. The wind was from the right, I am a port tack sailor

which is not my favourite conditions. I did some tricks, nothing big really

but I didn't fall in much. During the heat most of the other guys crashed and

fell in the water all the time, I guess that is what got me through. I have

Colin Sifferlain in the next heat. He is only sixteen but he must be ripping

because he beat Dioni!"


"I only enjoy heats when I am in the final! (Laughs) Yesterday was OK,

it was a little warm up for me, I sailed OK. The level has sky rocketed since

last year. Everybody has been training on flat water during the winter. All

the young kids are out here ripping it up as well. In the future one of the

young kids here could be a world champion. It is just a matter of time. All

they need is a bit more experience and to sail intelligently"