We need your help!

Middels near Hanstholm and Klittemøller is about to be ruined by a large harbor expansion for a windfarm. The new area will be 1,1 km and 130 m into the ocean.

They don’t just put up windmills, they will make "coast securing" by filling up with sand and concrete 150 meters out from the coast and 2 km along the coast this includes Mittels there is pictures in the PDF that show this.

This will cover the reef and there won’t be any waves to ride. As you probably know windmills are getting bigger and bigger. These are extraordinary big!!!

By sending a letter to the address you can tell that this is not only Danish windsurf location but a European attraction to all wave surfers.

There are many other places to build windmills but no other place where the coast generates waves likes this!

If the region office understands how unique this area is maybe the windmills won’t come.

A letter from a foreign windsurf club would be of huge meaning for the result of this region plan, so please send a letter where you explain how unique Hanstholm windsurf spot is, it wont take much time and can't do any harm. At least nobody can blame you for not trying to save the best windsurf spot in north Europe.

So please help by visiting the website in the link below and sending a letter or an e-mail where you explain how unique Hanstholm is.

Viborg Amt Miljø og Teknik Skottenborg 26 8800 Viborg

Yours Thorbjørn, Denmark