The normally powerful tramuntana winds refused to play ball here on the final

day of the Costa Brava, PWA Freestyle world Cup. The day started with a promising

forecast but a thermal breeze blowing straight in from the Mediterranean seemed

to cancel out the tramuntana winds from the north-west.

The lack of an official result has not detracted from the beauty of the surrounding

environment, marvellous hospitality and excellent event infrastructure here

in Costa Brava. Throughout the week sailors have been enjoying the superb facilities

of the Ballena Alegre 2 campsite. Its friendly atmosphere and close proximity

to the beach have helped make the stay extremely enjoyable for the international

fleet of sailors

We did have one day of blistering action on Friday, which provided a feast

of hot action and entertainment for large crowds on the beach. One thing we

did ascertain is that the standard of freestyle has undoubtedly been pushed

to a new level. The likes of Vidar Jensen (North, Drops), Web Pedrick (AHD,

North) Richard Foster (Mistral, Naish) and Frank Lewisch (Gaastra) all revealed

during the first round that their repertoires have been perfected to an incredibly

high standard and that many new moves have been mastered.

Another aspect that has become apparent here in Costa Brava is that there is

a whole new generation of young kids and previously unknown sailors that can

come straight into an event and compete at the highest level. The likes of Ricardo

Campello (Neil Pryde, JP), Colin Sifferlain (North, Mistral) Kavli Seadi (Naish

sails, Naish boards) and Andy Pusch (JP, Neil Pryde) have all proved during

the competition that they pose a major threat to the more experienced tour professionals.

Freestyle is becoming cool in the windsurfing world, all the new tricks and

moves have not only helped attract to youngsters to into the sport but is equally

providing a refreshing challenge to more accomplished sailors. From the point

of view of the PWA Freestyle tour it has definitely been stimulating to see

a lot of new faces both on and off the water.

It is now time for sailors to pack and start preparing for Lake Garda the next

freestyle event on the World tour, which will take place between the 4th and

8th of July.


"It was a good event for the public. They could come down here, sail, try

out all the equipment and meet all the stars. It was good to see so many sailors

that I have never seen before with such a high level. Freestyle is the most

progressing discipline of our sport as far as new moves and the fact everybody

can do it all over the world. Kids are coming out of nowhere and competing at

the highest level professionally. We haven't seen that for a long time in the

sport, I think freestyle is great for the sport"


"I like it here in Costa Brava but we were a bit unlucky this year. The

level here was really high. Even compared to Austria which was only six weeks

ago. The level is higher than then, it goes up so quickly. There are lots of

new moves and it's just like that, it makes it interesting! It's not just the

kids, everybody is pushing. Overall the level is getting higher, I was very



"We had one day of wind but unfortunately we could not get any further

than the second round. The place here is nice, it is different from everywhere

else we go and the place we stay is right on the beach. What is most important

for me now is the Canaries and I am going to go home now and practice for that

so hopefully I will be ready just in time!"


"It is a nice place here when it is windy. The food was good, the weather

was nice but the wind just didn't happen. I like stronger wind but the wind

we had was good for competition. The level here was unbelievable!"