Neil Pryde / JP Australia Web Contest

Jason Polakow, Alex Mussolini, Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift and more top riders are competing in an online Wave, Freestyle and Speed competition. YOU get to be the judge who decides the winner and at the same time have the chance to win some great prizes.

Starting 1.August, 2005, the Neilpryde / JP video web contest will be online at

The WAVE Competition - August 1 st on line - A battle between Jason Polakow KA1111, Alex Mussolini E30, and Baptiste Gossein F61 - Hookipa, Maui - Voting closes August 31 st It will be interesting to see if Polakow¹s famous sailing style featuring his incredible bottom turns will do it, or if the majority of voters prefer Alex Mussolini¹s trademark stretched out backloops - or will it be Baptiste Gossein¹s powerful, no fear sailing style? You decide.

The FREESTYLE Competition - September 1 st on line - Ricardo Campello V111, Tyson Poor US22 and Robby Swift K89 - A firework of moves - Voting closes September 30 th Over the last two years Ricardo has been dominating the Freestyle scene. But Tyson Poor has spent all winter in Bonaire to be ready for the 2005 tour. He has beaten Kauli Seadi in Bonaire and will be on fire to kick Ricardo¹s butt. Robby Swift¹s strength is his consistency, so maybe he¹ll be the one to take the crown.

The SPEED Competition - October 1 st on line - Ricardo Campello and Robby Swift - Fighting it out to see who is faster with the Neil Pryde RS5 6,7m and the JP Slalom 94 - Voting closes October 31 st Both guys are no speed specialists but they certainly know how to go fast. Don¹t expect a new world record, but there¹s still some real nail biting action.

For the Wave and Freestyle competition, you simply have to make up your mind on who should be 1 st, 2nd, and 3rd. In the Speed competition, you need to vote for who is going faster as well as estimating the maximum speed of the winner.

When the voting has closed in the Wave and Freestyle competitions, the rider with the most votes wins. Amongst those who chose the correct rider in 1st position, great prizes such as a JP Real World Wave 76, JP Freestyle 100 Pro Edition, two Neil Pryde Combat and Expression sails (and many more smaller prizes) will be given away by lucky draw.

In the Speed competition, amongst those who had chosen the correct (faster) rider, a JP Slalom 94 will be given away while those who guessed the correct speed (in km/h) of the faster riders have a chance to win a Neil Pryde RS-6 sail.

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