4th-8th July 2001, Conca d'Oro, Torbole, Lake Garda, Italy!

What it is all about…

Sun, soul and surf: that’s what Red Bull King of the Lake is all about!!

Once a year at the "King" the true spirit of freestyle windsurfing

is revived: as few regulation as possible, only as many as are absolutely necessary,

with all those surfers who are determined to pit themselves against the Who’s

Who of windsurfing being free to take part! No strictly regimented regatta,

rather radical surfing stunts and loads; surfing and surfers so close that you

can almost touch them, freestyle windsurfing so good it will make you green,

located in one of the most beautiful Europe’s surfing venue – that’s

what makes the “King” the cult freestyle event in all the circuit.

What counts here is, in fact, overall impression, creativity, plus the dynamism

and style of the moves performed. The 48 participants, 24 professionals and

24 amateurs, compete against each other in fours in eight-minute knockout heats.

Whoever manages to sway the jury – made up of professional surfers and

snowboarders – with the most radical moves, the best tricks and the most

expressively dynamic impression is into the next round. Nothing is ever predictable

and that’s what makes the “King” so thrilling; here’s where

the stars particularly like showing off their latest tricks and where windsurfing

careers are made; its special atmosphere comes from this unique mix of professionals,

rookies and amateurs who challenge the waves and go for the crown.

But Red Bull King of the Lake is not only a competition, rather a three-days

festival, with a perfect mix of sport, music and parties… and you, what

are you waiting for?