Some people may not know the destruction caused to cetacean populations due

to fishing "by-catch". The cetaceans are caught up in nets and either

drowned or killed once reeled in by the fishermen and dumped overboard. To highlight

this issue a demonstration is to take place in London on Spetember the 4th.

If you are in or around London on that day please take some time to go to the

European By-catch demostration and sign the petition. This will be co-ordinated

with other groups in Europe. The Demo will be initailly outside MAFF, or whatever

it's called by then, then move on to DETR, and then on to No.10, to hand in

petitions. We'll have some gillnet, with photos of bycaught dolphins on it,

a long piece of red tape, some dolphin replicas etc. We are making it clear

to all, that it's to be a peaceful, and good humoured demo. ALL those who support

the cause of cetacean preservation, will be very welcome.

If you need any further reasons to go along, have a look at the following website-

The chap who created it, Andre Plank, is a yachtsman, who, whilst out sailing,

witnessed what French pair trawlermen do to dolphins, caught in their nets,

- he is working on the campaign in France. The site is in 3 languages, including

English. There is more info on the French site, so if you want a translation,

use .

If you'd like any further details on the timings etc. please do not hesitate

to contact Bernadette Clarke at Marine Conservation Society, or Mary Stuart


Thank you for your support!!