Hanstholm Harbour and Energy Centre North wish to create a new land area on and close to the existing beach northeast of Hanstholm Harbour. This area will be approximately 1100 metres long and stretch 130 metres out to sea and will be protected against erosion by a stone pier. Behind this new coast protection, five 150 metre high windmills will be erected and the remaining land retrieved will be used for establishing an inland sea farming project." Precisely that area is also known as Middles - one of Europe's best wave spots. Therefore the Danish windsurfing and kitesurfing community is working very hard to stop the current project. The work is voluntary and carried out through the organisation "Save Middles".

The organisation needs funding. The money will be used for hiring external specialists and thereby gaining the right arguments when convincing the local councils that the current project is inconsistent and on top of that will destroy a unique sporting and recreational area.

Our budget is 16000 Euros. The money will go exclusively to pay external specialists. Until now approx. 3300 Euros have been collected, so we are unfortunately far from the target. We are under time pressure, so this is a notice to all that wants to support the project.

Please contribute so that we can reach the goal: keeping one of Europe's best spots.

The aim is to get the current plans rejected. At the same time we will prove that Middles is unique and should be preserved. Furthermore the Save Middles organisation wants to show that there are alternatives to the current project which will make it possible to both preserve Middles and keep a favourable industrial development at Hanstholm harbour. We have a change and with the right documentation we will save Middles.

Read more about our aims and work at Here you can become a member of the organisation. It's free. You support the organisations work by donating via the web site.