Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel on the new Slates: "Freestyle is not only

about early planing! We decided to indulge ourselves and combine practical and

fun features to deliver the ultimate Freestyle toys - three 100% new shapes

that not only look radical, but absolutely rip on the water!"

The new Skates were developed with the help of the proven Balanced

Shape concept, a new width/thickness ratio, creating a wider and thinner board

with obvious performance advantages: Increasing the width creates more lift

for early planing and offers more stability during manoeuvres. Decreasing the

thickness improves turning ability, control and ultimately gives a far more

lively feeling on the water. A rounder tail outline with the stretched middle

curve means tight turns are also perfectly controlled! The planing-manoeuvre

scoop line is a combination of a long flat section, with plenty of tail kick,

to guarantee mega early and constant planing with zero compromise on the radical

turning abilities. This scoop line has one other performance advantage - a top

speed potential that is surely illegal on a Freestyle board! But with the multiple

footstrap positions Speedsters or Stylers will find the right place to stand!

The even thinner manoeuvre rails and the flat deck are the perfect combination

for every slash, turn and trick! Features such as the Bat-Nose and Quattro Channels

give unbelievable grip and control in radical fin-first moves. Lightwind wave

action with the new Skates is all about early planing, big jumps and super tight

slashing turns, because Freestyle is not only about early planing!

Skate 59: "Radically easy" best describes

the new 59 Skate, just step on, watch out for the explosive acceleration and

then set the rail into a turn many waveboards couldn’t handle! 90l of pure adrenaline!

Skate 61: The all-round champ, equally at home at Garda

or on Maui, plenty of tail rocker for the tightest turns and the one board everyone

should have in their quiver! Perfect distributed 100l gives it an incredible

wind range.

Skate 64: The lightwind specialist, taking Freestyle

wind limits to even lower levels! Once instantly planing, the Skate 64 feels

way smaller than its 112l, super-loose and lively and offers top-speed and acceleration

as well as an appetite for big tricks and even bigger air!

Plus, hot off the Press: Also available for the first

time this year will be a King of the Lake edition Skate series, in the Skate

61 and 64 sizes. Due to our continued and successful co-operation with the most

famous of all Freestyle Events, The King of the Lake event at Lake Garda, we

decided to offer a limited number of super light weight versions of the Skate

61 and 64, a "King" version! These boards will have more sophisticated

materials than the standard models, therefore offering an even better

performance, with an obviously more exclusive price tag!

Design Features/Tech. Details Advantages

Balanced Shape Concept

Ensures perfect stability and balance - no matter where you stand. Unmatched

stability through same thickness proportionately from nose to tail. The

overall width on the deck is wide enough to forgive all mistakes

Planing/Manoeuvre Rocker Line

A long flat section in the middle, combined with generous tail kick, means

once instantly planing, new Skates are super loose and lively, with a

lot of top speed and drive

Manoeuvre Rails

The thin, tucked rails give great grip and control, all manoeuvres can

be performed at top speed like far smaller boards. Tucked in the tail,

round up front the nose for fin-first sliding


For the smoothest ride, creates just the right amount of lift and makes

even the biggest chop feel like flat water

Bat Nose

Supports a perfect outline, great grip and control in fin-first moves,

distinctly different optic

Quattro Nose Channels

4 wheel drive traction in radical tricks, great grip and drive, channels

run from the nose through to just below the mast track, this is the area

where pressure and grip is needed in fin-first slides

Constant V Shape

Maximum in tail, for perfect control; in the nose it provides grip

in nose first tricks

Freestyle Deckshape

Aggressive Freestyle outline that has massive low end lift and drive,

for the ultimate early planing/manoeuvre combination


Inserted between the tail and mast track to minimise the twist effect,

thereby ensuring a consistent and enduring scoop line; high breakage resistance

Carbon Sandwich Construction (CS)

Incredible stiffness and rigidity with an optimised weight/strength

Fanatic Skate Freestyle boards 2002









Weight (kg)






Carbon Sandwich


Maui Fin Co. Freestyle 26 cm, G 10, Power Box,

3 Fanatic Lycra Velcro Footstraps,

Sailsize 4.0- 6,5 m²





Carbon Sandwich


Maui Fin Co. Freestyle 28 cm, G 10, Power Box,

3 Fanatic Lycra Velcro Footstraps,

Sailsize 4.5- 7,0 m²








Maui Fin Co. Freestyle 30 cm, G 10, Power Box

3 Fanatic Lycra Velcro Footstraps,

Sailsize 5.0- 7,5 m²