New World and National Records at ISA Walvis Bay Speedsurfing Grand Prix 2005

Jeff Marting, race director, took great delight in announcing the new records which had been set during the course of yesterday’s sailing. This included two new World Records and three National Records.

New World Records Men’s Kite Surfing - Olaf Marting, 41.79Kts Women’s Kite Surfing - Aurelia Herpin, France 35.20Kts

New National Records

Wind Surfing - Tine Slabe, Slovenia 38.08Kts, Maaike Kallenborn , Netherlands 36.65Kts, Patrik Diethelm, Italy 42.71Kts

All records are subject to ratifiaction with the WSSRC, although Mike Ellison, official council member who has been observing the event, saw no reason why the results would not be ratifiied within a week.

Olaf Marting claimed to be “just having fun!" His new record is 0.12 knots faster than his previous world record achieved in last year’s event.

Bjorn Dunkebeck (AND) is leading the “King of the Strip" with his fastest time being 42.93Kts, followed closely by Finian Maynard (BVI) with 42.82Kts. Windsurfers Patrik Diethelm (ITA) 42.71Kts and Antoine Albeau (FRA) 42.67Kts are following closely behind. Top speeds from the South African windsurfers are led by Mark Grinnel with 41.35Kts and Hennie Bredenkamp with 41.30Kts.

Patrik Diethelm was sailing on a custom board with prototype North Sails. Both Tine Slabe and Maaike were sailing with Naish sails, Tine on an F2 Missile One and Maaike a Tabou Manta 49.

Today’s wind is coming form a Northerly direction, so racing for today does not look promising. This is a real relief to many of the exhausted sailors from yesterday’s heats, who will take this time out to recharge.