Sarah in action at the Irish Triple Crown event before her kit was stolen...

Sarah writes:

Sadly I have to report that nearly all my kit was nicked out of my van. They broke in through the side door of my VW Transporter whilst it was parked on the driveway next to my house in Emsworth. All of it was out of sight except a bike covered by cloth on the wooden conversion. They had the cheek to roll the van forwards in order to open the tailgate.

I've enclosed a list of kit that's gone plus a photo of the board so if anyone is trying to sell some dodgy kit please let me know (the police would be keen to meet them) or any other way you can help.


Sarah Frymann


Mountain Bike Silver Marin Rift Zone £1280 Giro Cycle Helmet £70

Naish 5.8 Boxer Windsurfing Sail £360 Naish 5.0 Session £355 Naish 4.5 Session £340 Naish 3.7 Session £325

KBay 74litre Wave Board £1050 Board Bag £80

Neil Pryde Boom £350 Uphaul £15 Boom Protector £25 Harness Lines £30

Naish 370 Firestick Mast £380 Tushingham 400 Wave Mast £300

21cm fin £60 19cm fin £60 Carbon Chinook Extension £90 Neil Pryde Extension long £75 Neil Pryde Extension short £50 Deck Plate £50 Deck Plate £50 Foot Protector £10 Screwdriver Set £35 Leatherman £75 Rigging winch £65

Neil Pryde Winter Wetsuit 5mm £275 5/3 convertible wetsuit £250 Ladies Waist Harness £95 Gecho Helmet £75 Windsurfing watch £110

Clarion Car Stereo (radio/cassette) with £500 6 CD player

Bluetooth £70

Binoculars £190 CD's x 24 £300