F2 and North Sails top the 2005 PWA Industry ranking lists

Board manufacturer F2 and sail brand North Sails are the most victorious brands overall this year in the PWA World Tour. The final industry rankings are based on the best three results for each brand across all disciplines, including both men and women. Each rider may only include their best results for each discipline.

With a total of four gold medals, the North Sails team harvests most overall world titles. Two of those titles were won in the brand new Slalom 42 discipline and the other two in waves and freestyle. Neil Pryde, Gaastra and Naish Sails all score one world championship; Neil Pryde conquers the freestyle world title, Gaastra the Super X title and Naish Sails the overall wave title.

In the board manufacturers’ rankings F2 comes out on top with three world titles; two in Slalom 42 and one in Super X. Mistral is a close second with two world titles; one in waves and one in freestyle. JP, Tabou and Quatro all bring in one world title; JP scores another freestyle victory, Tabou is top brand in Super X and Quatro secures the 2005 wave crown. Although Fanatic has to make due without a world title, the board brand does take third place based on points.

Below are the top 6 manufacturers’ ranking lists for the 2005 season:

Sail Brand Ranking 1 North Sails 2.75 2 Neil Pryde 6.7 3 Gaastra 8.7 4 Naish Sails 9.2 5 MauiSails 12.5 6 Severne 17

Board Brand Ranking 1 F2 2.75 2 Mistral 3.4 3 Fanatic 7.5 4 JP 7.7 5 Tabou` 17.7 6 Quatro 30.2