The Directors of Yachting Press Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Director of BOARDS Ltd.

Fred Willis has been appointed to the board of the windsurfing magazine, BOARDS Ltd after five years of excellent service as Advertising Manager and more recently as Boards Product Manager, when he took on a wider role covering all commercial activities of BOARDS Ltd. During that period both advertising and magazine sales have consistently grown though some tough market conditions.

Fred, a keen and experienced windsurfer from Poole, joined the UK’s top windsurfing magazine in 2000 and since then has travelled many miles to windsurfing events and demo days promoting windsurfing to the public at large and encouraging the trade to get behind shows and events. He was also instrumental in bringing the first ever indoor windsurfing championship to the London boat show in 2004 and in persuading the windsurfing trade to support the event. Fred’s presence on the board will ensure the direction and growth of the magazine is kept in touch with the both the readers requirements and those of the ever evolving windsurfing market.

The Directors welcome Fred to the board and look forward to the magazine's continued growth and development, in print, on the highly popular BOARDS.CO.UK website and now on the ground-breaking E-zine. (Click here for further details: