NeilPryde Windsurfing (NPW) is delighted to announce that the current world speed-sailing record holder, Finian Maynard, has joined the NPW International Team.

Finian Maynard (KV11) joins NPW as the current holder of two outright world speed-sailing records – the 500m (48.70kts) and the nautical mile (39.97kts). In joining the NPW team, Finian will reinforce NPW’s commitment to breaking the 50 knot barrier, and in doing so take windsurfing to a new level on the international stage. In addition to speed-sailing, Finian is also an accomplished slalom and Formula sailor who will no doubt make his presence felt on the race course in 2006.

Mr. Neil Pryde commented; “we are very happy to have been able to come to an agreement with Finian. He is an outstanding sailor, and we believe that the combination of Finian and NeilPryde equipment may be just what is needed to unlock the door to breaking the 50knot barrier."

Finian Maynard commented; “This is a dream move for me. The chance to work with the Robert Stroj and the NeilPryde Design Centre and alongside other sailors in the Pryde Team was a chance that I couldn’t pass up. I am looking forward to this new challenge and I hope 2006 brings with it great success."