Irish Windsurfing Association Announces Partnership with O’Neill

The Irish Windsurfing Association (IWA) is delighted to announce that it has completed a sponsorship agreement with O’Neill, makers of the original wetsuits and still the best, to cover the Wavesailing and Freestyle Championships for 2006.

Announcing details of the partnership, IWA President Cathal Kavanagh said that the deal would be a significant boost for the O’Neill Irish Wavesailing and Freestyle Tours. With O’Neill making a contribution towards the costs of running these events, a saving can be passed on to the competitors and, with the support of an organisation of O’Neill’s pedigree, it was hoped to market these events to a greater degree both in Ireland and abroad.

On behalf of O’Neill International, Daniel Macaulay, Marketing Manager (Europe) said that the company had informally supported many IWA events in recent years and that they were delighted to be putting the partnership with Irish windsurfing on a more formal footing. Macaulay explained that O’Neill was aware of the surge in interest in Wavesailing and Freestyle competition in Ireland, particularly in the Youth and Junior sections, and that they would be supporting the IWA in promoting the O’Neill Irish Wavesailing and Freestyle Tours both at home and in the UK, in particular.

Details of the O’Neill Tours are as follows:

O’Neill Irish Wavesailing Tour, 2006

Wave 1 March 17 /18 / 19 Louisbourg Wave 2 Sept 16 & 17 Achill Roll Over Option. See below. Wave 3 Sept 30 & 01 Oct Cork Roll Over Option. See below. Wave 4 Oct 29 / 29 / 30 UISCE, Belmullet, Co Mayo

Note: Roll Over Option. Event organiser may postpone the event to the following weekend due to weather forecast.

Wave 1 - 07 Will count in 06 if there are not four results in 06. In Kerry in November at date TBD.

O’Neill Irish freestyle Tour, 2006

Freestyle 1 August 19 & 20 Rusheen Bay Rusheen Bay Centre

Note: Where the conditions at a Wave event are not suitable for wave competition, Freestyle competitions may be run (at the sole discretion of the Head Judge). Results of all completed "rounds" of Freestyle competition will count in the decision re National Freestyle Champion.

Further details on the IWA website: