It's time to batten down the hatches folks! The PWA world tour has arrived

in windy city…Pozo, Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. During the following nine

days 83 of the world's elite wave sailors and freestylers will be fighting it

out for over $120,000 in prize money.


Over the years Pozo has deservedly earned its reputation as one of the most

radical events on the World Tour. The nuclear winds and rolling swells provide

perfect ammo for rocket airs. Local maestro's such as Vidar Jensen (Drops, North)

and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde) will be out to dominate on their home

waters although the likes of Francisco Goya (Fanatic, Arrows), Jason Polakow

(JP, Neil Pryde), Nik Baker (Mistral, North) and Robert Teriiteahau (Bic, North)

are all on the rampage to spoil their party.

Vidar Jensen the Norwegian jump specialist still has the fresh taste of victory

lingering after his victory in Vargas earlier in the season. Jensen beat ex-world

champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck in a tense final on the very last evening of the contest.

This triumph has given Jensen a very realistic chance to become the Overall

Wave World champion…if he can consolidate his position here at his home


Cisco Goya the current World Wave champion had a disastrous time back in Vargas,

going out in the second round. He will no doubt be anxious to redeem himself

here in Pozo. The Argentinean wave guru won in style here, two years ago after

beating one of his best friends, Josh Stone (JP, Neil Pryde) in the final. Goya

is a member of the MPG Team (Maximum Performance Group) an elite group of sailors

coached by sports fitness professional Scott Sanchez. Former World Wave Champ,

Jason Polakow, is temporarily joining the group here in Pozo. According to rumours

on the beach, Polakow has spent the last two months training with the MPG Team

in Maui. The Australian wave guru is reportedly fitter and stronger than ever.

Other contenders for the waves include the immensely talented local Jonas Ceballos

(Proof, Gaastra), Peter Volwater (F2, Arrows) of Holland and current Overall

World Champion, Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra).


This is the first time Freestyle has been featured as a discipline in Gran

Canaria. The choppy waters and relentless winds should make things interesting

to say the least. Many sailors have arrived in Pozo straight from the last event

in Lake Garda, Italy. Typical conditions can hardly be compared! 7.m sails,

big boards and light thermal winds on the Lake over to 3.m sails, tiny wave

boards and 50 knots here in Pozo.

Matt Pritchard (AHD,Gaastra) who won the King of the Lake crown has been out

on the water practising hard! Last year he was deprived of a shot at the Overall

title after sustaining an injury the day before the Pozo competition. His brother

Kevin (Bic,Gaastra) needless to say managed to keep it in the family and took

the Overall title from Bjorn Dunkerbeck at the last event of the season in Maui


Today is registration day, the last chance for sailors to last tune and prepare

for competition tomorrow. The forecast is excellent…nuclear winds all week.

Its already blowing 35 knots here today and locals are confident that we will

be in for 60-70 knots by Sunday. Welcome to Pozo the windiest place in the world!


"They reckon its going to blow 60 knots by the weekend. That's good for

the locals but not for me. I prefer it like today 35 knots or so, then we have

a chance! The smallest sail I have is a 3.4m although I think I might be needing

a 2.8m!"


"That's what they say…Its going to go ballistic! I like strong winds

but when it gets that windy it can be out of control. Should be fun though!"