Its rock 'n' roll here at the PWA Grand Slam in Pozo Gran Canaria! After an

action packed day of radical wave competition Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil

Pryde) and Daida Moreno (Mistral, North) have both taken victory the first round

of men's and women's respective single elimination's.

Dunkerbeck was back in full 'Terminator mode' today and dominated the men's

final despite a brave challenge form Britain's Nik Baker (North, Mistral). In

the losers final, Dutch 'hell man', Peter Volwater (F2, Arrows) took third position

ahead of Levi Siver (F2, North) of the USA, after busting out an insane double

forward which clinched him the heat. The women's final was an all Moreno affair,

this time Daida Moreno took revenge on her sister Iballa (Mistral, North) who

had won their head to head battle in the freestyle yesterday. Third place in

the women's went to Antonia Frey (RRD) with ex-world champion Karin Jaggi (F2,

Arrows) taking fourth.

As predicated the wind was blowing a solid 35-40 knots this morning which along

with 2-4 foot waves provided the perfect conditions for sailors to boost massive

jumps. In a day which was largely devoted to rocket airs spectators were treated

to a frenzy of wild doubles, massive table top forwards, ballistic one handed

back loops and gigantic push loops.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck led the field from the word go this morning, launching himself

into a multitude of orbit airs most of which were landed with his usual powerful

precision. Some of the sailors were joking on the beach that if Dunkerbeck were

to go any higher, then the local airport control up the coast might have to

be warned! The 'Terminator' was smoking! Dunkerbeck was not only king in the

air today but also showed up the rest of the fleet how to wave ride in Pozo.

He shredded the waves with reckless abandon highlighted when he landed a perfect

wave 360 in the final against Nik Baker. On his road to the final Dunkerbeck

quashed challenges from Baptiste Gossien (JP, Neil Pryde) Robert Sand (F2, Arrows)

Scott McKercher (Naish) Marcos Perez and Peter Voltwater (F2, Arrows).

Nik Baker was not too upset to have to settle for second place today. He came

through many tough heats taking down the likes of Tony Garcia (RRD), Scott Carvill

(Naish boards, Naish sails) Pierrick Wattez (Bic, Neil Pryde) Matt Pritchard

(AHD,Gaastra) and finally Levi siver (F2, North) before reaching the final.

To say there are no easy heats in the PWA anymore, especially here in Pozo is

a statement which proved itself this morning. In the first round this morning,

yesterday's Freestyle winner Antoine Albeau (AHD, Neil Pryde) was taken out

by sixteen-year-old British sailor Robby Swift (JP, Neil Pryde). Swift who has

only just finished his exams at school eventually went down tothe experienced

Spaniard Stephanne Etienne (Bic) in the second round.

Francisco Goya (F2, Arrows) sailed brilliantly today and seemed to be advancing

steadily towards the final, that was until he came up against Peter Volwater

in the quarterfinals. Volwater put pay to the Argentineans hopes of glory with

an awesome display of ballistic jumping. After his exit, Goya was forced to

sit and watch his MPG team-mate Levi Siver advance into the semi final after

his defeat of Norwegian wild flyer, Vidar Jensen (Drops, North) in the quarters.

Siver was ripping and it took the dynamic consistency of Britain's Nik Baker

who eventually put paid to his hopes of reaching his first Grand Slam Final.

In the women's competition the Moreno sisters proved to the rest of the fleet

that they really are in a league of their own here in their home playground!

Both sisters were pulling of jumps that were higher than many of the male competitors

efforts here today. They have got balls too! Pardon the expression but these

girls have been brought up with the likes of Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Vidar Jensen

as teachers and have no respect for the word fear!

With results already in men's and women's freestyle and wave, tomorrow will

be the chance for the losers to redeem themselves in the respective double eliminations.

Pozo has produced the goods already this year but there is still a long way

to go before the eventually winners are decided. The forecast is for nuclear

winds…possibly building to sixty knots! The battle has only just begun!


"It was fun out there. It was not 'super' windy but plenty enough for

the competition. It was actually pretty easy to sail. I was on a 4.2m and a

then a 4.5m in the final. I managed to catch a couple of good waves in the final.

The final went pretty good, I did not make everything 100% but I connected pretty

well. It was good enough to beat Nik and stay in first position after the single.

There is still a way to go but it is good to start off on the right foot. I

am definitely very happy with that and I hope to stay there!"


"I had great fun out there today. I had a successful day yesterday

in the freestyle and finished in second and today I was second in waves to Bjorn,

which can't be bad. I had some good heats and beat some good sailors, everybody

was ripping out there. I used 4.1m, 3.8m and then 3.4m as the wind got stronger.

It was pretty bloody windy! Bjorn was on fire in the final, I might as well

come into the beach and watched him to be honest! I was just trying not to make

myself look stupid! (Laughs)"


" I am pretty happy with the result. We were in the final in Vargas together

as well. I landed a pretty high back loop and did a couple of nice push loops.

I am really happy about the result. It was difficult conditions, I was on a

3.8m and pretty maxed out. There were a few big sets coming through but you

had to be lucky to get them. This is still only the single elimination but it

is good to have a result under my belt!"


"I had a lot of fun in the final but I got a little bit nervous with

my jumping! I tried a double loop but it wasn't very good and also a push loop

at the end of the heat. I needed that good jump but I did not land it very well.

I think the final was very good though. I like to show the people that we can

sail good, that is the most important thing!"