Over 200 protesters, most of them concerned Plymouth residents, took part

in a demonstration on Wednesday 4 July, to make their views known on the 500%

increase in the amount of radioactive tritium being discharged into the River

Tamar. This is of great concern since, according to emerging evidence, the

hazard presented by tritium is far greater than is acknowledged by Government

or radiation officials. Led by the SAS team, clad in wetsuits and gasmasks,

with the three eyed toxic fish in tow, crossed the Tamar Bridge from Saltash

to Devonport Dockyard as part of a protest against DML's plans. Along with

local Plymouth residents group CANSAR, they presented a petition to the Environment

Agency calling for a Public Inquiry.

The SAS crew lost a combined 2 stone in weight as a result of

wearing wetsuits and marching for 3 hours in the heat, but were

really pleased with the great turnout.

The next stage is for as many people as possible to make their views known

on this. There are a couple of downloadable letters on the website calling

for a Public Inquiry into the DML application, addressed to the Sec of State

for Health and Sec of State for the Environment. So do your bit - print off,

sign and send a letter as possible!