beginners will learn

intermediates will improve

experts will train

The waterstart doesn’t work until now? The sail always crashes into the water when trying a Duck Tack? Making a Spock out of a Vulcan is impossible? .... STOP!

Stop searching – check the Tricktionary!

This comprehensive training book of 200 pages shows ALL the manoeuvres, from the basics of windsurfing to the most insane jumps, just everything you need to learn this amazing sport or to improve your skills. With every level taken in consideration the Tricktionary tells newcomers about the equipment and guide them through a complete beginner course. Intermediates will improve their jibes and tacks, jump-fanatics can finally follow even difficult moves. With high quality photo sequences you can retrace every single movement. Explanatory text as well as pre-exercises, problems, proper solutions and tips hasten your learning process. Specials such as the Wave-Chapter or the Stretching pages complete this outstanding windsurfing book.

Besides the author, Michael Roßmeier, eight more professional Windsurfers from all over Europe performed their skills in front of the camera of Sandra Schennach.

(Riders: Michael Roßmeier, Remko de Weerd, André Paskowski, Normen Günzlein, Tine Slabe, Peter Kerle, Simon Hurrey, Ludo „Joss“ Jossin, Fabian Weber)


Made by windsurfers, for windsurfers!

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Languages: English, German, French, Italian

Hardcover, 200 pages - Price: 29,80 Euro

English edition: ISBN-10: 3-9502157-3-5

French edition: ISBN-10: 3-9502157-5-1

Italian edition: ISBN-10: 3-9502157-2-7

German edition: ISBN-10: 3-9502157-1-9