It's smokin' here on the beach at the Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam. Relentless

winds have been blowing throughout the day gusting at times over 45 knots. Nineteen

ballistic heats of the men's double elimination were completed before competition

was abandoned when the waves dropped on the outgoing tide.

The advancing pack of sailors who have survived through the double elimination

today were local Jonas Ceballos (Proof, Gaastra) Orjan Jensen (Proof, North)

Josh stone (JP, Neil Pryde) Tristan Boxford (Fanatic, North) Julian Taboulet

(AHD, Neil Pryde) and Antoine Albeau (AHD, Neil Pryde). Two more heats remain

undecided in the third round, France's Thierry Belbeoch (Naish) versus Dutch

sailor Eric Troosthiede (Mistral, North) and Diony Gaudagnino (JP, Neil Pryde)

from Venezuela against local Spaniard Juan Enrique (Simmer). These sailors will

be facing the big guns tomorrow when action continues. The likes of Bjorn Dunkerbeck

(Proof, Neil Pryde), Nik Baker (Mistral, North) and Peter Volwater (F2, Arrows)

are all on standby to defend their positions when the time arises!

The fight back through the double elimination can be tough! Especially when

you have to battle your way through heat after heat maxed out on your smallest

sail. Today it was all about staying in control and nailing those landings.

Several sailors busted out enormous jumps only to have the sail ripped from

their hands upon impact. Judges score lowly for uncompleted moves! Nuking, smoking,

out of control, can call it what you like but the conditions

today were brutal and as tough as they get for windsurfing!

Local hot shot Jonas Cabellos is rated as one of the most naturally talented

sailors to emerge from the cauldron of talent here in Pozo. Cabellos suffered

an early exit in the single elimination at the hands of Pierrick Wattez (Neil

Pryde, Bic) of France. He nearly went down again in his first heat toady against

Italian sailor, Danielle Saglietti. Upon landing a back loop in the early seconds

of his heat, the outhaul broke on his sail leaving Cabellos in dire trouble.

The young Spaniard was forced to make emergency repairs on the beach and recovered

in time to salvage the situation. Cabellos went on to take out Australian sailor

Steve Allen, (Gaastra, Fanatic) and Cyril Moussilmani (AHD, Neil Pryde) of France.

He now has a chance of revenge when he faces Pierrick Wattez in the next round

of the double.

The Stone brothers had to go head to head this morning. Brotherly love was

soon forgotten once they took to the water. It was clear that they were both

desperately fighting for survival! Despite a concerted effort from his younger

brother Jason Stone (Gaastra) it was Josh (JP, Neil Pryde) who came out victor

in a hard fought battle. Josh Stone now faces a tough draw against ex- world

champ Kevin Pritchard in the next round.

At the moment the Gran Canaria flags which line the beach here in Pozo are

beginning to fray. The vicious winds, which have been blowing constantly for

the last three days, are literally tearing them from their poles. The harsh

winds have been taking their toll! Many sailors are tired, aching and suffering

from exposure to the constant sun. There is no change in the forecast…more

ballistic winds for the rest of the week! Its anybody's guess who will be the

winners here in Gran Canaria but the stage is already set for an epic climax

to the competition!

Peter Volwater (F2, Arrows)

"It's bloody windy out there. I am going to take it easy today. I have

not even got my feet wet. I am saving my energy for the double elimination"

Francisco Goya (Fanatic, Arrows)

"It's nuking' out there. It must be 40 knots plus! Yesterday I could

not let it go! I played it too conservative and was holding back. I am going

to go for it in the double elimination that's for sure. I have a few tricks

up my sleeve if the waves get bigger tomorrow!"

Josh Angulo (RRD)

"The wind has got stronger today! The surf went down, I think the wind

turned more side-shore and blew it flat. I am sure going to try my darndest

in the double elimination. Myself is usually my main competitor, that's who

I have to beat!"