Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde) finished off a thrilling week of men's

wave action today in style today here at the Gran Canaria, PWA Grand Slam. After

a tense final held in survival conditions against Vidar Jensen (Drops, North)

of Norway, the 'Terminator' was awarded victory by the five man judges panel

with a 3-2 decision in his favour. Today's results mean that after two men's

double elimination's we have a unanimous Dunkerbeck victory, Kevin Pritchard

has finished in second overall, Vidar Jensen in third and Nik Baker fourth.

It's hard to describe how windy it was here at the contest site today. We have

been hammered by screaming winds once again sometimes gusting in excess of 60


The flags lining the beach now read 'GRA' 'CANA' the other half of them has

been disintegrated by the winds. The women's wave event had to be put on hold

in the interests of safety! It was deemed by the race committee that conditions

were simply too ballistic for them to compete. Nuclear winds once again have

turned the sea into a mass frenzy of white caps! Despite the severe conditions

the show went on and the second men's double elimination was drawn to a conclusion

late this afternoon.

Vidar Jensen came through several tough heats on his path to the final. In

three consecutive mind blowing heats the radical Norwegian took out Jason Polakow

(JP, Neil Pryde) followed by Matt Pritchard (AHD,Gaastra), and then finally

World Champion, Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra).

In the final Dunkerbeck opened his account with a monster stalled forward loop.

We are talking thirty-foot plus here. Jensen replied by landing two clean back

loops on his first run out from the beach. Dunkerbeck stormed back with a massive

one handed back loop. The two locals seemed engaged in a duel, matching each

other move for move as the heat progressed. Jensen found better waves but was

in dire need of a massive jump to round out his score sheet. In the dying seconds

he hit a logo high ramp at full speed, throwing himself into a sky-high back

loop. He was up in the air so long that the wind took him backwards so that

he landed on the crest of the same wave from where he had taken off! Jensen

simply could not hang on and probably lost the final as a result.

Dunkerbeck has dominated here in Pozo. His jumps have been higher, his wave

riding more radical and his ability to cope with the extreme winds never in

doubt. After two whole double elimination's he was the only sailor to remain

unbeaten. The 'terminator' has terminated!

Will the wind ever die down here in Pozo? We still have three days to go. If

the conditions stay the same it could be deemed too dangerous to continue with

the freestyle. The second double elimination of women's wave performance also

has to be decided. Its not often we get to complain that it's too windy on the

PWA World Tour! We are hoping that the things will calm down over the next few

days so we can carry on competing. History is in the making right here in Pozo.

It's now official...This is the windiest most radical windsurfing competition



"I guess that's it! It was close, finals can be like that. I didn't

get the best waves because I could not really find them. I had a couple of good

high jumps. I got on a few waves on the outside but when they got to their breaking

point they were disappearing. I went out quite far a couple of times to find

something bigger but it wasn't quite working out that way. In the end I just

went in and rode whatever I could find. I guess my jumping made the difference.

I think this has been the best contest ever in Europe. We have never had a day

as good as yesterday in the history of Pozo. Hopefully it will be even better

next year"


"We are used to these conditions so it wasn't too bad out there. I had

a great time, especially in the final even though I was really tired. Bjorn

had a slight advantage with his weight. I think it was five knots too much for

me. I would have liked a little bit less wind but still I can do pretty well

in these winds. I was really happy with my waves but did not really stick the

last few jumps. If I had of landed them, I probably would of won the last final.

On my last back loop I went so far backwards that I landed in the same wave

that I took off from. It was super close and I am really stoked. I finished

in third place overall here. I have had a great week, probably one of the better

wave events in Europe ever! This was probably the hardest competition I have

ever done in my eleven years of doing the world cup. I am really happy"


"The conditions are the best there has ever been here. It has been

fantastic. I have really been enjoying the sailing, it has been unreal. Who

ever wins here is a true winner of really good conditions. There have been a

few gusts that must have been 60-65 knots, maybe even more every now and then.

I was on a 3.4m sail but should have been on smaller. I was happy with my sailing

today and I feel I have improved at sailing here in Pozo. This has been the

best Pozo ever!"


"I like it when the wind is like this. I can't remember ever seeing

better conditions here. I think this is the best event we have ever had here

in Pozo."