The 2006 Catalunya Costa Brava PWA World Cup Super-X Day Four

Friday June 16, 2006

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Day Four Summary

After three races, and the possibility of a first discard, the PWA Super-X fleet spent a windless afternoon waiting to run the all important fourth race here in Costa Brava. Days one and two saw thermal wind action with large sails being the call, but today gave only still and humid conditions.

Kevin Pritchard (US-3 Starboard / Maui Sails), continues to hold pole position, ahead of brother Matt Pritchard (US-10 Tabou /Gaastra) in second. There’ll be no love lost as Matt breaths down Kevin’s neck, ready to pressure him into any mistakes he can, in his quest for a third world Super-X title.

CB06_1_Battle of the Pritchards! Courtesy of PWA/Carter

Throughout the day the pressure rose and tension mounted, as a thunder storm brewed. All eyes are on the forecasts which look positive for Sunday - the last day of competition. As the weekend crowds gather to watch the action, no-one can help wondering if it will go down to the wire as it did in Portugal last week.

Its super close at the top, with only three sailors making all the finals so far. Peter Volwater’s (H-24 F2 / North Sails) consistency see’s him in 3rd place approaching the first discard. Already counting a first and third, Antoine Albeau (F-192 Starboard / Neil Pryde Sails) in 10th place, is desperate for a fourth race, and the chance to lose the points he accumulated in his 3rd race disqualification.

CB06_1_Pete Volwater Courtesy of PWA/Carter

Last night the competitors were treated to a boat trip across the event locations scenic Bay of Roses, and a dinner on the beach. Traditional Catalunyan hospitality has kept this event a favourite amongst professional windsurfers, who enjoy the warm welcome given by the Empuria Brava municipalities that heavily support this event, and their outstanding regional cuisine.

CB06_3_Evening hospitality here in Costa Brava Courtesy of PWA/Carter

Dark clouds still linger, and the heat is on. With no wind to cool the competitors down today in the Bay of Roses, tonight the riders are looking forward to some cool drinks as the sun goes down at the stylish Costa Brava Club Mistral centre’s party night.

Have a look at the elimination 4 ladderto see the seeding for the fourth race that will be run should the wind show up tomorrow.

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