Setting Up A Club to gain access to the East of Scotland Reservoirs

Colin Lynch lives in the Stirling area of Central Scotland near the Trossachs.

There are numerous Lochs and reservoirs within a 30 mile radius but only a few

allow windsurfing, however almost all allow fishing! East of Scotland Water

who manage the majority of reservoirs and some Lochs will only allow access

for fisherman under licence but will not permit individual windsurfers access

to the water. Apparently there is a Health & Safety concern!

However, the Water Quality & Environment Team of East of Scotland Water

have indicated that they would be willing to discuss access to their sites if

approached by a bona fide body, i.e. club with constitution etc. Therefore,

there is some hope for frustrated windsurfers living in the area. With this

possible solution available, Colin is looking to establish a club for windsurfers

in Central Scotland.

So - anyone interested in setting up a club to gain access to the East of Scotland

reservoirs please contact Colin, either by emailing him at

or phoning him on 07770 802252.

Longer term, there is a possible solution in that the Scottish Parliament has

a published a draft Land Reform Bill which includes access rights to water.

Should this Bill be enacted as it currently stands, then the water authorities

in Scotland would have to allow access by individuals to their sites. However,

time in politics does not follow convention. It will probably still be much

quicker to set up a club!