Seventeen year old Robby Swift (JP/Pryde) continued his winning ways

today by beating team mate and current Freestyle champion Josh Stone (JP/Pryde)

in a tense final. It took the young English sailor two attempts to claim victory,

but it was a 5-0 decision from the judges that confirmed Robby's obvious domination

of the event.

Josh Stones march back up through the double elimination ladder was a true

world champions performance. Josh took out the likes of Robert Sand, Ricardo

Campello, Antoine Albeau, Vidar Jensen, Richie Foster and Matt Pritchard. Each

one of these heats could have been a final in itself showing just how high the

standard is on the freestyle circuit. The most notable heat of the day was Josh

against Ricardo Campello (JP/Pryde), the young Venezuelian was blowing

peoples minds with his display of Spock McTwists, Goitas and planing Push Loops.

His hot moves were no match for the World Champion who displayed better contest

experience and pulled out a perfect Ponch right at the end of the heat. So Josh

advanced to the final to meet Robby Swift, as this was a double elimination

Josh would have to beat Robby twice if he was to take the event. Once again

the crowds lined along the beach were treated to the best action of the day,

neither sailor was holding back matching eachother move for move, sometimes

without realizing in complete synchronization. It was Josh though that once

again busted out a monster Ponch landing almost planing to edge the heat on

a split 3/2 decision.

This meant another final and another chance for Robby to reclaim his number

one spot. Having a heat against a world champion does not seem to daunt Robby

though and from the moment the green flag went up it was clear that Robby was

hungry for victory. So what does it take to beat Josh Stone the undisputed king

of freestyle? Try Spocks, One handed Spocks, Spock 540's, Ponch's, One handed

Shove Its, Upwind 360's and Grubby's, phew!!! Robby did all of the above and

more to prove that he is the best freestyler in the world today and easily beat

Josh with a 5-0 decision from the judges.

It was not just a perfect day for Robby and Josh, Matt Pritchard (AHD/Gaastra)

secured third place and Richie Foster (Fanatic/Naish)was ecstatic about his

fourth place, his best result in a Grand Prix event, Richie probably trains

more than anyone and all his hard work paid of with this result.

Kauli Seadi (Naish) who showed so much form freesailing talent all week

finally settled his nerves and demolished everyone he came up against disposing

of Kevin Pritchard, Rick Feddicke, Dioni Guadagnino and Remko de Weerd. Only

Richie Foster tripped up the Brazilian's salsa to the top. Kauli had the proud

accolade of having the highest score in one heat, pulling a perfect clew first

one handed spock 540, simply radical stuff.

The Jensen brothers were upholding the Canarian flag at this event. Vidar Jensen

(North) finished the double elimination in fifth place with Orjan Jensen

(Proof/North) coming a respectable ninth. The brothers love port tack

conditions and there was enough ramps today to send the Jensen family into orbit!

The womens double elimination was also completed today and Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows)

was the Queen of the beach today with a resounding victory over Colette

Guadagnino (JP/Pryde). Karin is pulling of the most technical tricks

like Upwind 360´s, Vulcans, Push Tacks, Forwards and one near perfect

Spock. Colette was very happy with her second place disposing of both of the

Moreno twins on the road to the final, an unusual experience not having at least

one of the twins in the final. The conditions at Sotavento do not seem to be

to the Moreno´s liking, the flat offshore conditions a far cry from the

Nuclear winds of Pozo.

So we will begin day 4 with the start of another round of double elimination

for both the men and women. Will Robby Swift maintain his form from the first

two days or will all the other sailors who show amazing ability freesailing,

raise their game and take out the young Englishman. After todays performance

from Robby they had better have some hot tricks up their sleeve!.