Double world record holder Finian Maynard from British Virgin Islands and Karin Jaggi from Switzerland take top honours at the ISA Speed event at Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura the first round of the 2006 series. With a top speed of 39.96 Maynard shortly missed the 40 knot mark due to 0.2 knots of tide! This is very impressive considering the brutal very broad, 140 to 150 degree angle and 2 meter waves breaking on the course, a speed of nearly 75 km/h amazing.

Second place in the men’s division went to F2 shaper Patrik Diethelm (ITA, F2, North), and third to Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) who took the victory in the final race, giving him the third place overall in the end. Ahead of a very disappointed Bjorn Dunkerbeck who came forth, after dominating last years event.

The most impressive Brit was Steve Thorp (Tabou, Gaastra) with a top speed of 36.02 knots made on the 1st day after having qualifying in the silver fleet which took nearly two hours, progressing immediately to the gold fleet for another hour and a half. This in the conditions was result was super human. He was rewarded with a 10th place at the end of the week and top British sailor overall.

The other surprise was the arrival of two veteran British speed sailors competing 20 years on from the very first event here. Bob Cunningham & Farrell Oshea were two of our best speedsailors back in the late eighties and still competitive today with Bob finishing a very creditable 28th place with 34 knots, beating many competitors half his age.

Our own David White missed this event due to injury and must be climbing the walls seeing Diethelm and Moussilmani were all racing on production boards, his specialty, and not being able to compete. I wish him a speed recovery as he was badly missed.

In the ladies division, Allison Shreeve (AUS, F2) ended second place, setting a new Australian record on 32.85 knots. French Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, T1) was injured in the second race ended up third. Fourth place Marion Raisi (FRA, Exocet)Zara Davis( GBR Thommen, Gaastra) finished 5th lady, and 2nd production.

Final Results


1. MAYNARD Finian BVI 39.96

2. DIETHELM Patrik* ITA 38.65

3. MOUSSILMANI Cyril* FRA 37.52

10. THORP Steve GBR 36.02

11. ELLIS Dan* GBR 35.74

28. CUNNINGHAM Bob GBR 34.02


1. JAGGI Karin SUI 32.20

2. SHREEVE Allison* AUS 32.85

3. GHIBAUDO Valerie FRA 31.95

4. RAISI Marion FRA 28.15

5. DAVIS Zara* GBR 25.93

6. HOLZSCHUH Angie* 24.38

7. CARTER Amy GBR* 17.11