The Poole Audi Hex-treme, organised by Poole's Tourism office, is a brand new

six event competition, which comprises rowing, sailing, windsurfing, swimming,

cycling and running. This unique event will take place on Sunday 2 September

2001 across Poole's prestigious parks, beaches and on the idyllic waters of

Poole harbour.

As the first ever competition of its kind, Poole Audi Hex-treme is drawing

attention from the across the UK sporting arena. Sports personalities Kate Allenby

(Bronze Medallist at the Sydney Olympics in the Modern Pentathlon) and Sarah

Donohue (British National and Italian National Offshore Powerboat Racing Driver)

attended the launch to show their support and to reserve

their spaces within the competition.

Kate Allenby, recent Modern Pentathlon World Championship Gold-Medallist, said:

"the attraction of multisport events for me is that they provide a challenge

of skill, strength and endurance. The Poole Audi Hex-treme event will provide

the challenge in an unusual combination of events, and has already demonstrated

its attraction to multi-sport athletes like myself, by challenging us in events

outside of our normal experience, so it should be entertaining and fun! Poole

is an ideal place for it to take place because

of the safe waters and beautiful natural surroundings."

Sarah Donohue, who did stunt driving in the recent James Bond film 'The World

is Not Enough', said: "Hex-treme is a brilliant challenge, which will

really push competitors hard. It'll be great fun to take part this year, and

looks like it'll become a really high-profile event in the future."

Poole Audi have enthusiastically joined the Poole Tourism Partnership to make

this event happen. David Kelly, Managing Director of Poole Audi, Ringwood Road,

said: "Myself and my team are very proud to have become title sponsor


Hex-treme, which should prove to be an exciting climax to the summer months

in Poole. We look forward to welcoming all entrants and spectators to the UK's

first ever Poole Audi Hex-treme, a unique sporting double triathlon, and wish

everybody success and hope they all have a great time."