Fanatic Falcon 100 Formula/Courserace

new generation in Formula Windsurfing boards is born! The new Falcon 100 features

a brand new design concept that gives new meaning to lightwind planing/top speed

combined with control - the Thunder Tail. Two deep channels run from

the tail, alongside the box, creating a triangle on either side of the fin box

- this allows the Falcon 100 to have a flatter rocker, that further boosts early

planing. Additionally the Thunder Tail reduces excessive lift in the tail area,

by reducing the surface in the tail thus giving the 100 excellent control! The

Thunder Tail makes the rail bite harder, grip better, and gives more traction

going upwind, plus there are zero spin-outs on the new Falcon 100. The rails

still maintain their full outline, so there is no loss in upwind performance,

because the entire rail works to get the board upwind, not like conventional

cut outs where parts of the rail are also cut out. Even in windy conditions

the tail width, in combination with the Thunder Tail gives you full pleasure.

Fast, free and comfortable sailing at all times. 100 x 270cm = a huge surface

area to get the new 100 planing in the slightest breeze! A thinner volume distribution

gives more control, and gets you even closer to the water! The Falcon 100 is

destined to be the absolute last word in Formula windsurfing, and Fanatic are

confidently expecting some great results in the forthcoming season...

News Flash: Steve Allen is International German Funboard Champion! The

new Fanatic Falcon 100 rules!

Fresh from the press received Fanatic teamrider Steve Allen one of the first

new Falcon 100 to participate at the International German Funboard Championships,

taking place from August 1st till 4th on Sylt. More than 100 competitors and

8 riders out of the Euro Top Ten came to Sylt to fight for the title. Steve

Allen won the title and was more than happy with the performance of his new

race-machine! Even Starboard race pro Brian Roegild Woitek Brzowzki and Germany´s

fastest man Bernd Flessner had not the smallest chance against him and the the

new Falcon 100 - they blew them all away!

Design Features

Advantages & Technical Details
Efficient Outline Concept

Wider mid section for increased dynamic

lift, narrower tail for control and reducing drag

Thunder Tail Two deep channels run from the tail,

alongside the box, creating a triangle on either side of the fin

box allowing a flatter rocker, that further boosts early planing.

reduces excessive lift in the tail area

Flatter Rocker Line

Increased control and upwind drive,

optimised trim creates loose, lively feeling, especially in choppy


Optimum V-Shape Maximum in tail for control and upwind

angle, reduced in mid-section for control and speed

Dynamic Nose Flex Utilising a combination of stiff/flexible

materials, the Falcons flex and react to choppy water, reducing

vibrations and maximising speed through increased rigidity in the

rear - a dynamic flex effect

Carbon T-Stringer Inserted between the tail and mast

track to minimise twist effect, thereby ensuring a consistant and

enduring scoop line

High Modulus Carbon


Aerospace quality carbon, as used in

helicopter blades, guarantees stiffness through unprecedented quality

Deep Tuttle Box Absorbs high lateral forces on fin

to transfer this power into lift and speed

MFC Race Fin Race-proven design developed alongside

the Falcon Raceboards, built in the new Spine Technology to deliver

maximum performance








Technology/Weight (kg)


FALCON 100 Courserace






MFC Race 70cm Pre-Preg Carbon, Deep Tuttle


4 Fanatic Race-light Footstraps/Screw

Sailsizes: 8.5 – 12.0m² +