Sunday 21st October 18:00 - 00:00

Extreme Sports Channel is the world's first channel solely dedicated to round

the clock coverage of the most radical extreme sports and lifestyles from around

the globe and is dedicating the evening of 21st October to some high octane

windsurfing action. The channel is available to all digital satellite TV subscribers

on channel 422.

18:00 - 4 Play

18:30 - Brainstorm

19:00 - Rewind

20:00 - Young Guns

20:30 - Charge

21:00 - Epic

22:00 - Star Trip

22:30 - Unleashed

23:30 - Crackers

Synopsis for Windsurfing One Offs:

4 Play

Sean Ordonez, Jason Proir, Francisco Goya & Keith Teboul, come along as

the 4 Quatro players take you deep into the impact zones of Hawaii, Africa,

Indo and Europe.


An extreme roadtrip along Northern Europe coastlines plus chaotic incidents

on Gran Canaria! This film captures the spirit of a new generation of windsurfers.


Dive into the newest mental state of Ocean enjoyment. Global locations include

Hawaii, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. You know the riders: The Goyas, Ingo Meyer,

Josh Stone, Turtle, Marcos Perez, Robby Seeger, Andy W, O.B, Super Jibe and

Power tack and many more.

Young Guns

The new generation from South to North Shore. Trade winds, perfect swells, conditions

and confrontations! A cast of hot talent includes Stone, Angulo, Prior and Carvill.


Filmed in Hawaii, Charge features RRD team riders Bringdal, Seeger and Angulo.

Bringdal is rock solid in the face of the avalanche, bottom turning under the

lip, carving off the top and pulling cheeky airs on the shoulder. Other highlights

are Seeger's creative wave jumping and Angulo's heavy gouges in smaller surf.


Ballistic action from the world's hottest sailors in the best conditions. You've

seen the pictures, read the stories, now join them on the beach in Hawaii at

the Da-Kine Wave Pro-Am which has been reviewed as the best, mindblowing, epic

contest ever!!

Star Trip

This is windsurfing at its most exciting and adventurous. Innovative camera

work pulls you right into the action and original angles provide refreshing

new views of insane windsurfing. Blend this with a sublime soundtrack and you

have a dreamlike adventure through the world of tricks, waveriding, wave jumping

and general goodtimes that is the lot of professional windsurfers.


It doesn't get any better than this ... Join one of the world's leading extreme

sports companies (makers of best sellers such as RAVE, EPIC, LIQUID THUNDER,

THE POWER ZONE, TOTAL INSANITY 1& 2, and THE FORCE) as they take you on

a journey into the never before seen world of windsurfing, through the eyes

of Charlie, the beach dog. Over a year in the making, a totally new and unique

view on the most beautiful sport in the world is captured from special mounts,

helicopters, and jetski's. An hour of Red Hot Action....."Feel the Freedom

- Get Unleashed


Filmed at Ho'okipa, Jaws and at several other spots around the world. Amazing

jumps, wipeouts, and the ultimate in freestyle from Dunkerbeck, Goya, Ponichterra

and many more! Never seen before pictures of Jason Polakow riding the monstrous

waves of Teahupoo. The ultimate highlight at the end is the Aloha Classic World

Cup Finals.