The 2014 BWA Wave Tour saw the Constructors Champions crowned as well as the top riders...


Team Gaastra/ Tabou led by Phil and Dave Horrocks battled it out against team Simmer/Simmer trio of Ben Proffitt, Sam Neal and Justyna Sniady. But with an absent Neal in Cornwall and solid performances from the Horrocks duo the Championship went to Gaastra/Tabou for the third successive year.

The battle for third place was even closer with only 1 point separating RRD/RRD and North/Fanatic. In the end RRD/RRD team riders John Sky and Aleksy Gayda bagged enough points in the early events to take overall third.


1st – Tabou

2nd – Simmer

3rd – RRD


1st – Gaastra

2nd – Simmer

3rd - RRD