The worlds top wave sailors arrived on the island of Sylt in Germany for the

first day of the PWA Jever World Cup. The competitors were greeted by huge crowds

and sunshine but unfortunately no sign of the strong winds that normally blast

the man made beaches of Sylt.

The event has drawn together the best wavesailors in the world who are battling

for the prestigious title of wave performance World Champion. Bjorn Dunkerbeck

(Proof, Pryde) who is currently leading the wave performance rankings was looking

cool, calm and collective at registration, Bjorn is no stranger to Sylt and

has won this contest seven times, he will be hoping for the weather to change

and see the return of the famous Sylt gale force winds. Vidar Jensen (North)

who is currently ranked 2nd in the wave rankings was also looking relaxed and

can¹t wait to get airborne of the huge ramps that normally line up off

the Sylt shoreline.

With the events of the past week in America still causing major travel difficulties,

several of the top sailors have been unable to make it to Germany. Francisco

Goya (Fanatic, Arrows), Josh Stone (JP, Pryde) and Levi Siver (F2, North) were

some of the big names who have been forced to withdraw from the event. This

is a great disappointment to some of their fans here in Germany but everyone

present realises that with the current situation in America it is a credit to

all of the US based sailors, including the Pritchards ­ Matt (AHD, Gaastra)

and current Overall World Champion Kevin (Bic, Gaastra) and Josh Angulo (RRD)

who have made the long trip to come and compete here in Sylt.

This years event is shaping up to be a very important leg of the Tour, the

absence of some of the big names has meant that some of the lower ranked sailors

have an excellent opportunity to climb up the rankings and break into the elusive

top ten slots.

Tomorrows forecast looks like light winds from the east with this weather pattern

staying the same for at least three days, but has everyone knows the weather

in the North Sea is very unpredictable and a gambling man would surely have

to put money on some strong winds at some stage during the contest.