Over the last year sales performance of Gaastra Tabou has out stripped the European distributions ability to supply. So Dave White was given the task to find the perfect home in the UK for Gaastra Tabou, with over twenty years knowledge of all the normal box shifters, he needed to find someone that matched his passion for windsurfing, Only one name could fit the high demands Whitey was looking for.

Graeme Fuller created Surf Sales from his own enthusiasm for windsurfing, that commitment to the sport was not only his, but is shared by all his team. "I don't know of anyone better suited to the task" said Dave, "we've known each other for years both on and off the water. I've got to know first hand the commitment Graeme can bring to a brand, and look forward to working side by side together.

From April 1st Gaastra and Tabou will have a new home, and its here in the UK at Surf Sales Ltd.