The light winds of yesterday have remained here in Sylt for another day. This

has kept most of the sailors busy tuning their equipment for the light conditions,

especially with the prospect of the Lipton freestyle/wave super session. The

forecast looks good for the next few days, with 15-20 knot NE winds expected

it looks like the spectators will at last see some of the worlds top windsurfers

in action.

The conditions expected in a NE wind at Sylt are normally flat water, if this

happens the organisers are very likely to run the Lipton Super Session. The

flat water conditions will suit the competitors who also specialise and compete

on the World Freestyle Tour. Competing in Sylt are many of the worlds

top freestyle sailors including newly crowned World Freestyle Champion Antoine

Albeau (AHD, Pryde), Antoine has been a long time campaigner on the PWA World

Tour and has always been tipped to become a future World Champion. His

victory in freestyle has really shown that freestyle is not just a discipline

for light winds and featherweight sailors as Antoine is one of the Œgiants¹

of the Tour standing 6¹3¹¹ tall and weighing in at 95 kilos. Also present

at Sylt is Kauli Seadi (Naish), Kauli from Brazil won the last freestyle event

in Fuerteventura and is one of the competitors who has packed his freestyle

gear just in case of the above scenario occurring. Other favourites for

the Lipton Super Session are Robby Swift (JP, Pryde), Greg Allaway (JP, Pryde),

Nik Baker (Mistral, North) and Vidar Jensen (North). The sailors really

look forward to the added bonus pay cheque that having such a super session

can provide, Josh Angulo (RRD) was rewarded last year by walking away with $2,000

after his victory in the wave super session.

The most action on the beach today was at the beach volleyball site where many

of the sailors showed of their ball skills and showed why their profession is

windsurfing and not volleyball!!. The light winds have also allowed the

sailors to sample the free supply of Jever beer, this year¹s event sponsor.

Being true sportsmen they have kept this sampling to a bare minimum, depending

on who you speak toŠ!!

The event organisers at Sylt certainly know how to put on a good show even if

the wind gods do not cooperate. The beach front is lined with fresh food

stalls, beer tents, In Line skating and a radical display of skating and BMX

on the Half Pipe. The next few day should hopefully see the action turning

to the water, with the freestyle super session most likely followed by full

on, hardcore wave action towards the end of the week.