MauiSails welcomes Martin van Meurs

Martin van Meurs, one of the originators of the popular windsurfing website, and a long time competitor in the sport, has joined with MauiSails to develop new competition scenarios for speed sailing, to cross promote the TR-3 race sail program, and be an active amateur competitor in the search for fifty knots.

Martin said, "After being a speed surfer for many years in the late eighties and early nineties, I lost interest in the sport. Technology and the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) have revived my excitement for windsurfing. I had a vision of people sailing world wide with, and against, one another. Together with Roger van Tongeren, I set up a national competition and shortly after, Dylan de Jong, Onno Pierik, and Peter Heida joined, and we created Now, only a few years later, nearly one thousand participants in over thirty countries are racing in this virtual competition, and the hunt for fifty knots is on. MauiSails is supporting me to be part of spreading the word about the use of GPS in windsurfing. operates their website on a voluntary basis, and we are stoked the industry recognizes our efforts and is helping us to further promote the sport. My personal goal is to break fifty knots. I'm sure the new TR-3 will help me to take that hurdle once conditions are right. The MauiSails design philosophy has always focused on a soft and forgiving feel that favors an everyday windsurfer like me. I'm stoked to be part of The Team, and to have a shot at fifty, the "new" magic number."

To encourage the speed sailing community MauiSails has launched a dedicated forum, "Speed... it's about Time..." moderated by Martin van Meurs. So it's about time to log on and get your fifty knots.