Starboard Phantom Race 2007

With Starboard’s comprehensive range that covers the entire windsurfing spectrum and often goes beyond the extremes, few would have thought that there were any windsurfing niches left for the brand to explore. This is where Raceboards come in. With events that offer more 1st prize money than even than the most glamorous PWA 1st prize money and the trend towards windsurfing in lighter and lighter winds picking up momentum, Raceboarding could just about resurface as the next discipline to drive windsurfing popularity.

At the 2007 Raceboard European Championships in April, Starboard will be launching their new Phantom Race 380 and Phantom Race 320, designed for the Raceboard 380 class and 320 class respectively, with current reigning Raceboard Champion Patrik Pollack riding the 380 fresh out of its mould. The Phantom Race 380 is designed to take maximum advantage out of ISAF’s new Raceboard class rules where daggerboards up to 85cm deep and sails up to 9.5m2 are allowed. Measuring 380cm by 70cm, the board is a tad wider than conventional raceboards. As Remi Vila explains, the extra width was only possible thanks to the new 85cm deep daggerboard, giving the board its VMG edge upwind and downwind. The extra-long adjustable mast track has a 75cm adjustment range to work with 9.5m2 rigs and the board comes fitted with a complete set of eight Ultralight footstraps.

The Phantom Race 320 is the more recreational all-wind board, designed as the board you would take down to the beach on the weekends for a fun sail whether it’s blowing 3 knots or 23 knots. Being more compact, it planes up and rides like a smaller board, whilst in lightwinds the 70cm daggerboard and long slender profile gives you a pleasant glide with power on tap. Svein Rasmussen: "The Raceboard class is alive and kicking in several countries and the Worlds in Argentina will be the 2007 highlight. In Taiwan there is a Raceboard event this year with US$ 30,000 first prize, richer than any PWA event first prize. With the long awaited return of daggerboard sailing and tactical racing, the Phantom Race 380 is breath of fresh air into the Raceboard scene, revitalizing the class. The smaller Phantom Race 320 is the board dedicated to the Hybrid division of the race board class and fits exactly within the max length. The Hybrid Class is by several sources speculated as the breeder of the next Olympic board, as its a development class with boards that are upgrades from the current RSX, thus will fit in as well proven designs to take the hybrid concept one step further. Exciting times ahead."

Technical specifications

Phantom Race 320. Length : 320 cm. Width : 71 cm. Volume : 233 litres. Sail range : 6.5 to 9.5 m².

Phantom Race 380. Length : 380 cm. Width : 70 cm. Volume : 295 litres. Sail range : 6.5 to 9.5 m².

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