No Disgrace

Current PWA world wave champ Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / MauiSails) missed out on the top spot at the Laureus Sports awards, and there was no shame in being runner up to surfing legend Kelly Slater who took the trophy for world action sports personality of the year.

Da Blog

Kev was also in prestigious company from other action sports athletes to mainstream players, and got to meet most of them through another huge name – Robby Naish! We’re proud he represented our sport so well and that his achievements were seen by the crème de la crème of the sporting world. Congratulations Kevin.

The whole experience was obviously a big deal for the all-rounder, and you can find out all about it at Kevin’s personal Blog site, which is growing in popularity daily. We asked him a couple of questions about the Blog and why you should visit it.

What’s the Blogs purpose? No real purpose. I wanted to keep some notes for myself and figured why not put it on a Blog. People seem to really like it and I always enjoy hearing from people who read it.

Who’s it aimed at? It is aimed at anyone who is interested in knowing the life of a pro windsurfer, and to hear about events like the Laureus awards.

Why a Blog and not a regular website? I have a small website that I have for sending potential sponsors to here, but other than that I don’t really think there is a need for a website. I think with the Blog people are much more into reading live news than just going to a site and nothing new to see. With the Blog you open it up read the first few lines and if it doesn't interest you to click away, otherwise you stay there and keep reading...

How much of a habit has it become to maintain it like a kind of diary? Yah I try and do it everyday more for myself than for anything else.

What benefit will readers get from checking it regularly or subscribing to a feed? Well you get up to date Maui reports, I also usually state my mind in a unedited way that might not always be politically correct where as when I am doing interviews and things like that I might not. It also kinda gives a backstage type of view on tour life and there’s some fun stuff; for example I almost got arrested for having a beer in a Hawaii State Park the other day so I wrote about that. It is something that is mellow and kinda the real deal if you know what I mean.

Check the Blog out at