This unique wave board is the result of rigorous research and development and is a must for all riders looking for awesome all round wave sailing performance.

The Fish profile, strongly affiliated with the surfing scene as a fast and agile board for less than ideal conditions, has been tried in the windsurfing world several times without convincing results.

At AHD, we have invested much time and effort in this direction, the result being the Seal. A combination of a fast rocker line with double concave under the straps, which, along with the perfectly balanced volume distribution within the compact outline enables the rider to power the Seal through turns, and gives the board a light and loose feel whilst not compromising the fast and agile nature which is quintessential to the fish profile.

The Seal is a truly versatile weapon in a great range of conditions. Planing easily and shredding small, soft waves in light or onshore winds, it is incredibly responsive and retains a very light and loose feel. The board performs equally well in wind strengths of 8-35 knots.

The versatility of the tri-fin or single fin configuration means the Seal can change from a snappy surfer in smaller waves to a down the line wave board in fiercer conditions. The compact dimensions and refined rocker line and rail shape enable the board to bottom turn smoothly without stalling. The board points incredibly high when sailing upwind, even at low speeds, resulting in fantastic performance in onshore conditions. The short length enables the rider to cruise over waves, and the early planing character of the Seal lends it to big airs off the rollers.

Offering incomparable agility, amazing speed, ideal stability at low speed and a rapid rise onto the plane, the Seal is a unique wave board dedicated to offering unparalleled action to riders of all abilities wanting to shred the summer chop or rip it up out in the surf.

Shape Characteristics Rocker:- Flat in the tail for early planing and high top speed Outline:- Curved and very compact for increased manoeuvrability, reactivity and stability, and ease of control in high winds Rails:- Voluminous and round in style, and thin on the front section for a stable yet agile, light and loose feel in the surf. Concaves:- Narrow and deep double concaves under the foot straps, encourage the board to accelerate rapidly.

Specification: PROGRAM PURE SURF MODEL SEAL VOLUME 88 litres LENGTH 213 cm WIDTH 60 cm SAIL RANGE 4.2 – 6.2 m2 WIND RANGE 8 – 35 knots FIN Tri – 11/15/11 cm, Single – 21.5 cm + two fin box plugs FIN BOX US Box WEIGHT 6.3 kg RRP £949


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