Team 15 Interclub Event

Ardleigh Sailing Club

15th September 2001

What a kick off to the first ever Team 15 event! 30 competitors from Ardleigh

Outdoor Education Centre, Whitecap-Willen, Wentworth and Out of Town Action

Sports met in a cold, gusty force four. Competitors rigged up or borrowed kit

from the Whiteboarders demo van. Most chose to enter the 4.5m class in light

of the windy weather.

A reaching course was set for the first race but many failed to round the

ends properly, leaving the race box and competitors confused as to how many

laps they had done. From the outset Wentworth started their domination of the

4.5m class, held only in check by Alex Oldacre of Ardleigh. Sailors found their

feet in the second race with a longer reach. Nick Blomfield (Ardleigh) and Gareth

Morgan (Whitecap) affirmed their command of the 5.5m and 6.5m classes respectively.

A hot lunch was provided by the Commodore of Ardleigh Sailing Club and his

team. The warm comfort of the lounge provided welcome relief from the 25 knot

gusts. It also gave some the opportunity to change down sails. The third race

was set as a close reaching triangle and gave some a challenging upwind leg.

This provided excellent close racing with lots of place changing especially

on the gusty gybe mark.

The 6.5 metre class saw a fine battle for second between Dan Tridini (Ardleigh)

and Phil Durinett (Ardleigh). The last race was a challenge to individual stamina

after a long, tiring day. The formula of sending the 6.5m’s on a longer reach

saw Dan Tridini (Ardleigh) finding his form just a bit too late after a problematic

start to the day. Gareth Morgan (Whitecap) by this time had it in the bag with

unbroken firsts - a tribute to powerful controlled sailing. The only change

to the 5.5m class was with Jacob Lewis (Whitecap) taking advantage of a tiring

Isabel Monk (Ardleigh) to gain a third. Nick Blomfield’s (Ardleigh) firsts were

a tribute to calm, thoughtful sailing - not his usual style! - showing everyone

what can be done with an loaned F2 Phoenix!

The top of the 4.5m class was a Wentworth white-wash only stopped by Alex Oldacre

(Ardleigh) who also held a clutch of first places. Laurie Carnan (Wentworth),

who was regularly challenging him, will be a force to be reckoned with next

year. Out of Town Actions Sports showed excellent results, from two very promising

sailors who have only just come into the sport. Tamsin, the Wentworths coach,

was ecstatic about Aynslie Carnan’s eighth place in the last race. Aynslie had

never before attempted to sail a triangle and had only started windsurfing a

few of weeks ago. This, combined with her other high placings, was a must for

the ‘Most Improved’ prize. Elizabeth Beauchamp walked off with the ‘First Ladies’

prize with her solid performance in the 5.5m class which gave her a consistent

second place. An all-round team effort and ex-youth squad’s Toby Monks lunch-time

tactics talk paid off for Ardleigh’s campaign for the ‘First Club’ prize. Whitecap

were runners up by a very small lead on Wentworth.

The East Zone sponsors - Whiteboarders and Ski Surf who donated their time and

the prizes. The F2 van provided much sought after equipment!!!!

for their hospitality - nice burgers! The coaches, who gave up their time and

effort to produce fantastic sailors. And finally a special thank you to the

parents and spectators who helped out, not just in the organisation, but in

providing a chorus of support for their teams from the shore.