World and European Champions visit Portimao! It’s countdown time to the beginning of the Portimão Formula Grand Prix 2007, which will take place at Praia do Alvor, Portimão, from the 30th of April, till the 5th of May. Everything is being taken care of till the tiniest detail so that Portugal welcomes, in the best way, what will possibly be one of the biggest Formula event of the year.

At the beach, the competitors keep on coming from all around the Planet, searching for one more victory for their ranking. At the Race office, we receive every day registrations confirming the participation of the best Formula windsurfers, at a global scale.

All of the famous names of world windsurfing will be present in this Championship, where they can test, against their rivals [old and new] the advantages of the last evolution in terms of boards and sails. The list of pre-registered participants shows that the best of the best will be present in this event: Steve Allen, from Australia - Formula 2006 World Champion, Ross Williams, from the UK - Formula 2006 Europe Champion, Wojtek Brzozowski [POL 10] – with several titles of World Champion, Willhelm Schurmann [BRA 999] – Pan-American Champion, Maris Birzulis [LAT 11], Fernando Martinez del Cerro [ESP 71], Andy Abendroth [GER 66] , Gonzalo Costa Hoevel [ARG3]– National Champions from their own countries and, in the Women division, the new Poland stars Agnieszka Pietrasik [POL 19] and Jozefina Rudzinska [POL 1381], as well as Miguel Martinho (POR 05] and Bruno Bértholo [POR 78]....

The weather forecast previews an excellent Championship, as the "Nortada" [Northern wind] will set in from Saturday on, with winds that can go up to 22 knots, and even predicts a substantial increase of wind during the next week, till 24 knots. If these forecasts come true, all conditions will be set for a great show in Portimão.

Portimão City Hall and Expo Arade are the Main Sponsors of the Event, with the hosting support of Hotel Pestana D. João II. In what concerns the national media support, we’ll have, at the national level, Correio da Manhã, Record, Navegar and Sportlife and, at the regional level, Jornal Barlavento and Rádio Alvor FM. Tonix TV producer will be in charge of the Event’s TV coverage, providing daily images on a national and international basis.

Isabel Guimarães, in charge of the Championship’s Press Office, will work in close cooperation with Matthias Regber from Germany, responsible for this Event’s international reporting.

The event will be covered on-line at www.formulawindsurfing.org. and www.conquilha.com. So, for those of you who can’t be in Portimão during the Championships, just search the internet for the most current news of the competition. Even virtually, it will be exciting to follow this great event up-close!