May 7th could be the date

Posted On: 04/05/2007 12:51:55 PM

This is the official 60 hour notice for the Bournemouth to Brighton Windsurf Challenge - we could be on for Bank Holiday Monday May 7th!

Forecasts have been changing all over the place and Monday is now looking likely. This might well change in the next hours/days as Thursday's forecast is currently looking perfect - with a bit more south in it, and more wind. So watch this space for the next report, probably later Friday evening

B2B Update - May 9th looks like the date

Posted On: 04/05/2007 12:18:29 PM

Wednesday May 9 looking good for the UK's longest ever master blaster - forecasts changing radically every 12 hours as low pressure distorts and begins to track further south. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday look too westerly. Watch this space for updates. Whitey and Chris Audsley join the pack going the whole way!

Guy Cribb is windsurfing nearly 100 miles from Bournemouth to Brighton on the first windy day in May.

The original concept of stopping at all the leading south coast windsurfing spots to gather local windsurfers has had to be adapted, and the official legs are now:

Where? First blast: Bournemouth (Durley Chine beach car park) to Hurst Castle (Hurst Castle car park is just east of Milford on Sea) (total distance approx 20 miles, with one brief stop at Avon Beach, Christchurch) Second blast: Pagham (beach car park) to Brighton (Hove Lagoon, actually) (total distance approx 40 miles with one likely stop at Ferring beach) The leg between Hurst Castle and Pagham is so tretcherous, Guy is doing it alone.

When? I will be windsurfing these legs on the first windy south/ south westerly between May 6 and 31, weekday or weekend, and will have a 60 hour alert, then a 95% decision made 24 hours before take off, and a final one an hour before. All this info will be at and sent out on an email to anyone who emails Guy with their contact info. The start and finish lines of either of these legs are no more than 45 mins drive from anywhere between Bournemouth and Brighton, so easy to find and get to.

How? Be warned - the Bournemouth to Brighton event is technically just Guy windsurfing, but if you're a very experienced windsurfer you might choose to try and join him. There is no safety cover provided, so everyone windsurfs at entirely their own risk with nothing to do with INtuition or Guy Cribb. Guy is taking his mobile phone in a waterproof pouch and not windsurfing more than a few hundred metres off the beach. He's also taking flares, flags, warm clothes, buoyancy aid and a packed lunch. We recommend everyone takes adequate safety precautions, including insurance. Guy has also got a mate driving his van along the south coast so that if he has to come ashore he can phone them and ask them to pick him up from where ever he is.

Throughout the B-B challenge Guy will be personally escorted by a RIB with a change of kit on it and photographers. This is not a safety boat and will not be able to make any rescues.

If you are good enough to safely windsurf any of these distances, send Guy an email, start getting fit, prepare all your safety kit and cover, and find a friend who'll pick you up from where ever you come ashore, who can also take the day off work at short notice.

You can check for updated information such as transport and other people whom are taking part or helping out on the B2B message board. Hope to see you on the water for this exceptional challenge!