Tow Surf Action in Brandon Bay as the wind falls light..... Day 4 over here in Brandon Bay dawned cloudless and windless with very little hope of any competition. Luckily for the competitors they are very rarely stuck for something to do here in the action sports capital of Ireland. While the majority of competitors hit the water for a surf Ben Proffitt hit the greens! Ben took a savage wipeout in the pre comp practice sessions that saw him injuring his foot and unable to compete at all leaving him sat at in the van as a spectator with his foot in ice. Today though he took to the golf course to stretch his now improving foot. With only a week until his next competition Ben is positive he will be back on the water in no time. While Ben was aiming to hit little white balls around Andy King and John Hibbard were aiming to avoid walls of white water as they headed out to Mossies reef for some tow surfing with the UKWA Jet Ski. Although not quite Jaw's, the guys managed to drop into a few nice waves without getting too badly wiped out before the swell backed off. Andy says "We heard that local wavesailor and surfer Rob Jones towed into Gary William point the other day so we were eagar to give it a go as well. With no wind today we jumped at the chance for a session. Thanks to Ian Jones for driving the ski" Watch this space for more news from the UKWA Four Nations Cup in Brandon Bay hosted by Jamie Knox Watersports and supported by Ultra Sport Europe. -