Watch our Star Wars inspired campaign film ‘Forth Wars’ then sign an e-card in protest of the proposal!

SAS campaigners are calling on the Chief Executive of Forth Ports plc to reject the ship-to-ship oil transfer proposal they have been made at today’s AGM.

SAS have been challenging a proposal that could lead to ship-to-ship oil transfers taking place in Scotland’s Firth of Forth and have now produced a campaign film ‘Forth Wars’ and an e-card to protest directly to Forth Ports plc.

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The Firth of Forth is an exceptional marine environment and is highly valued by its many recreational water users who use the water all year round. It is therefore vital that its future is safeguarded against potential dangers such as ship-to-ship oil transfers.

If SPT Marine, the company making the application are successful then 7.8 million tonnes of Russian crude oil a year could be pumped between tankers in the Forth. The Russian export blend crude oil has been described as very dense, thick oil, making it particularly persistent in the event of a spillage.

A Scottish Green Party investigation has already found SPT were responsible for spilling around 35,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico - but failed to disclose the information when providing official evidence to the Scottish Parliament. In written evidence to the parliament the company, SPT Marine, claimed an "excellent" record on ship to ship oil transfers by only referring to incidents dated after the shocking oil spill in 1995.

SAS are particularly concerned that the decision to consent (or not) will be made by the private company, Forth Ports plc's Board, who are set to benefit financially from the contract. At present they do not require confirmation by Scottish Ministers or the UK Government. SAS believe that the ultimate say on specific proposals lies with publicly-elected and accountable Executive ministers, not a private company.