Bournemouth to Brighton - We did it!

We did it! And it was radical! All the info will be online here when I've recovered after today, but for now we have to thank all the windsurfers who joined us from Bournemouth and from Avon Beach, I saw you for a while and you looked great, but sorry I couldn't hang around - the clock was ticking!

And huge apologies to everyone who was hoping to join us from Pagham. We had some communication errors in mid Solent that lost us a couple of hours (and lost four pro's!) whilst Wemmsy and I were sat in a force 9 on Gilkicker Point, having just fought for 90mins in 40knots on 6m sails! More on that later, but my phone was on the boat during those hours, so I couldn't call Pagham with progress report /ETA - very sorry we missed you!

We went for it on the first SW forecast in May as promised. Despite the media interest for later in the week, we couldn't risk missing a windy SW, especially after months of no wind and a forecast of westerlies all week. And although it swung WSW, and was nuking beyond measure, we managed it.

We windsurfed passed every south coast windsurfing venue from Bournemouth to Brighton from 11am to 7.50pm, and we're still alive, but paying the price today!

Congrats to Wemmsy and Skyboy for hanging in there on the toughest windsurfing day of our lives!

The longest windsurfing freeride event ever held worldwide is complete, but INtuition's Bournemouth to Brighton Blast could not have taken place without the generosity and help of the following people:

Animal - thanks for the boat and the support! Boardseeker - for paying for two cameramen to film and edit a movie of the event, coming soon! Will Law - photographer - 9 hours soaked on a boat for the love of windsurfing! Dom & Rachael - skippers- no one else could have done it. Alfie and Roger- camera crew (esp Roger- 9 hours soaked on the boat!) Miles New, Steve Doidge, Damon Hart and all the other onshore photographers. Gary and Dave from FC Accadamy, Mark at Spot on Water, Lee from L.A.R. Watersports in Pagham (Lee took over 100 phone calls and texts from participants, their partners and other shops!), all the crew at Hove Lagoon who'd put on a huge reception for us, only to find we had to sail straight passed as the wind was dropping. Thanks to everyone's windsurfing widows who put up with such a long day of waiting on the beach and driving around trying to find their partners - especially mine - Anna who having followed me on every beach all the way to Brighton eventually delivered me home at midnight. Lynx Sports Management for their hair raising RIB experience in the Solent Mike Wright who designed the adverts and posters for free, because he loves windsurfing. Tim from Fluid Force for supplying me with all the energy drinks to help me get there. Graham Peachey who's developing an amazing new area of the website, that is coming soon! Rob Allison for his non stop patience and help at Awnet- designers and IT heros! Levi for carrying my kit so often when I was too knackered. And to everyone who's been keen on these freeriding events and have helped me build up to the organisation - you've all offered me great advice, support and generosity - there's too many of you to thank individually but, many thanks, I hope you all have plenty of wind in your sails! I'm sure to have missed someone else, so thanks to you too.