Strong Winds Slowly Arrive

At about 1600 hrs this afternoon the strong Easterly winds that were forecast,

started to arrive. This is a very good sign as the forecasters say tomorrow

is virtually guaranteed to be windy. It is now obviously very important that

the wind does materialise, already an early skippers meeting has been called

to make use of every available hour of daylight. Normally it takes around four

hours to complete a single elimination round of wavesailing, so the organisers

are therefore very keen to be ready from first light tomorrow morning.

There is also a possibility in the likelihood of no wind on Sunday, of an extension

until Monday, which is forecast to be incredibly windy. This extension was put

forward by the PWA sailors as with no wind in Sylt last year they are very keen

to see a result happen. The logistical nightmare of flight changes, hotel extensions

and airport transfers were all weighed up when making the decision but it is

testament to the resolve of the PWA sailors who agreed that an extension until

Monday should be considered.

The event site today was absolutely packed with spectators and autograph seekers,

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Pryde) has to win the award for most autographs signed

in one day. Bjorn is the crowds favourite here in Sylt and is no stranger to

the spotlight, all part of the baggage from being a twelve time world champion!.

Local World Cup star Bernd Flessner (F2, Pryde) is pretty confident that there

will be contestable conditions tomorrow.

"There only needs to be wind for about one hour, to allow the waves to

pick up, I think the forecast looks good and I for one will be having an early

night tonight!"

That will no doubt be the case for all the sailors tonight, a true test of

their will power however as Saturday night during the last weekend of the contest

has traditionally been the best night out. With all to play for and a good forecast

it will only be the foolhardy who don their dancing shoes tonight!.