Kona – Longboards only - a new windsurfing brand

The exciting Kona concept, launched in 06 – quickly called for supplementary models.

At Exocet we felt the time had come to re-introduce easy accessible “all condition" boards for a wider market, and the rapid interest and demand has been both encouraging and rewarding.

It was only logical to develop further models to complete what we consider to be a revolutionary modern longboard package.

This year we are proud to present additional four shapes, including the mind boggling Freestyle board, two pure wave boards and the radical “Minitanker."

With a comprehensive line of seven models, it has become increasingly obvious to us that this new direction also calls for its own devoted distribution and marketing strategy. As a consequence, the Kona will be launched as a separate brand in 08, with a dedicated web site, catalog and promotion program. www.kona-windsurfing.com

We are proud to lead the way in this very exciting new direction of modern longboard sailing and believe we have reached a turning point that will largely boost the future of windsurfing.