Day 9: 30th September 2001

Its Go, Go, Go!!

No wind again today at Sylt, now normally this would have heralded an end to proceedings

here in Sylt, but with one more day left we will hopefully see some full on radical

action at the beach tomorrow.

The local weather forecasters are predicting 35-45 knot South/South Westerly winds

picking up this evening, which hopefully means by the morning the waves will have

also picked up.

The forecast conditions could see the return of the epic conditions experienced

two years ago. That was the year that saw Robert Teritahau (Bic, North)

go absolutely crazy, Robert who needs no encouragement to go big, landed one

of the few ever double forward loops in competition. That however was not

enough for Robert as in the next heat he tried a table top forward and landed

so hard he broke his wrist, crazy stuff from the Frenchman!. Rumour has

it in the competitors tent today that Robert can now land triple loops and he

is planning on trying some tomorrow. The relevant casualty departments of

all nearby hospitals have been contacted and are ready and waiting!.

The mood around the beach today was a lot different to that of the rest of the

week. All the sailors know that the result of tomorrows contest is vital

in the race for the World Title and for the final Wave rankings. Ironically

two years ago winner Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Pryde) and runner up Vidar

Jensen (North) are both currently ranked first and second in the 2001 wave

rankings. Bjorn and Vidar are best buddies and practically neighbours but

all favours will be put on hold as soon as they hit the water tomorrow.

So the players are all here and the Sylt water park seems open for business, only

the radical may enter and by the sound of things only the radical will leave with

the big money!.