It is received wisdom in windsurfing that there is no better way to sail than with bare feet. However there are many times when the water is so cold that not being able to feel your feet presents a significant challenge to good sailing and there are times when you risk damaging your feet if they touch the sea bed or bottom of the lake. There is also a large group of people who just prefer to sail with their feet protected to avoid stubbing toes on footstraps and mast foots.

Connor Bainbridge, age 13, was therefore delighted to confirm his sponsorship by Atan Boots just ahead of a weeks wave training with Jem Hall at Jamie Knox’s windsurfing Mecca in Ireland.

With an average of 5 hours on the water every day of the course, having warm feet meant he could stay out in the waves for longer. Whilst most windsurfing boots are a neoprene and rubber construction his Atan boots are uniquely latex dipped for a real barefoot feel and getting in the straps is super easy. The final day of coaching saw mast high waves and force 6+, cross-off winds which meant that focussing on sailing was much more important than worrying about keeping warm or missing the straps.

Connor is sponsored by RRD Boards and Clothing, Ezzy Sails and Atan boots through and He is personally mentored by and you can check out what it’s like to be a young windsurfer in the UK at including photos from his coaching trip at